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Hello, my name is M Monkers!

I live with my friend Kris and sometimes his Daughter George. Most of the time I live in the Greenhouse in the garden although it isn't green, in fact it's strange as it doesn't really have a colour at all.  The plants in it remind me of home back in Uganda and it's certainly warmer than the garden.


This is a photo of me writing this story when everybody had gone to bed!        


As you can see there are plenty of things to climb and swing around on and also plenty to eat, although I havent found the Peanut Butter plant yet! My Greenhouse is also very close to the big Tree that my friend Cyril lives in.


I don't know what all the plants are called yet but I've seen Cyril pick some and put them into his Pipesmoke thing and set fire to them, then I always seem to fall asleep and wake up the next day having had the strangest dreams! !


Over the last few days I have seen Kris looking through some very colourful books with pictures of blue skys and climbing trees, they really remind me of home in Uganda. I'm starting to wonder if Kris & George are fed up of me and are thinking about sending me back, I wouldn't mind a visit back there but I wouldn't want to live there again. I think if I spend a bit of time with Kris at work I can find out what he is planning!


 It seems Kris has been looking at Sea & Sun brouchures and he is taking George on holiday to Italy tomorrow, I really hope they will take me, will go and pack my rucksack just incase. We are flying in the morning on a hairyplane so better get an early night tonight, a little drop of Kris's Blackcurrent juice will help me sleep (I'm sure you should add water to it but Kris doesn't).

COWABELLA!! It really is hot here, I think a quick dip will cool me down, although it means I will have to straighten my fur before we go out for dinner.